Comfortable in our Skin

Silken Moon 1

So I thought I’d talk a bit about skin shopping today!  I know some of ya’ll haven’t changed your skin in eons, and if you’re happy, I’m happy lol.  But nothing can update your look faster or more completely than a good skin.  It’s the foundation on which you build your look, and the one thing I think that is most remembered about your look as well.  A skin can make you more comfortable or uncomfortable about how you look too.  Clothing is easy to change, and most of us like to try a variety of looks and dress for different occasions, but your skin goes with you wherever you go.

Silken Moon 2

I have several skins that I currently love and wear a lot.  I have many from Silken Moon, but this one is my new fav because it is so close to my skin in RL.  What I love about SL though, is if I’m feeling like a change, it’s as easy as a mouse click to do.  RL takes a little more effort lol.  Anyway, I digress.  Even if you are happy with the skin or skins you have, it’s a good idea to go try on some demos now and then.  Things change and what may have been a kick ass skin two years ago, will pale in comparison to what you can get now.  So I’m going to share some tips with you to make skin shopping a pleasant experience!


I will go around to several places, pick up a bunch of demos and tp home to try them on.  Once you have one on, play with your graphics settings.  What setting do you usually run around SL with?  If your system is good enough to go to a club with ultra graphics on.. I hate you, no I don’t really but I kinda do lol!  Most of us have to lower our graphics to deal with lag.  So look at yourself in that setting and in higher ones as well.  Now if you’re trying a fantasy skin or something you may only use for blogging or pictures etc… it may not have to be perfect on a lower setting.  But your everyday skin should hold up to a lower setting or you’ll end up feeling disappointed.


Play with Windlight settings.  Make sure you have “Atmospheric Shaders” checked in your graphics settings.  I keep my graphics on Mid and check Atmospheric Shaders and seem to do ok with the lag situation.


I’ve seen a lot of skins that have wonderful detail on the face, but the body is well, flat, with no shading or definition.  Look at the collarbone, shoulder blades, elbows and knees.  Is the shading realistic or overdone or nonexistent?


If you have a unique shape, the skin will look quite different on you than it does on the model in the vendor pic.  TRY THE DEMO!  Very tall and very short avis can also stretch or squash the texture of the skin.


There are several ways skins are sold.  You’ll often see where you can buy packs of the same tone with different makeups.  That’s convenient but can also be expensive and limiting.  If you’re on a budget, I’d suggest going for one really good skin with no makeup.  Silken Moon is awesome for that, as are some others.  That way, you can add whatever makeup you feel like, but always have a great skin to start out with.  Shop around, because price does not always dictate quality.  Silken Moon skins are not cheap, but very reasonable for what you get.  I’ve seen some very, very expensive skins that looked awesome on the vendor pic, but when I tried the demo, I looked like a hot mess.  So ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, TRY THE DEMO!


Bring a friend and make a day of it, then go out and party like a rock star =o)


Silken Moon Pearl Dk Brown Nat

Silken Moon Satin Lips – Red Hot

Silken Moon Signature Eyegloss – Sky & Signature Eyeliner – Femme Fatale

Silken Moon Betty Corset Fitted Mesh – Poppy

Truth Hair Sassy 2 – Brown05

Zuri Heart to Heart Set – Ruby/Black

Poses by PosESioN

How Do You LeeZu?

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to do this post for some time now and I guess now is the time lol!  I’ve been wanting to show some of the awesome things you can find at LeeZu!  Again, one of the things I look for in a designer is how mix and matchable their designs are.  I like to shake it up a bit, and while there’s nothing wrong with wearing an outfit as it comes out of the box, it’s so much fun to play dress-up and see what you can come up with.

All the clothing is from LeeZu!  Since there are a lot of pics in this post, I’m not going to list all the accessories this time, but if you really want to know where I got something, please feel free to leave a comment or IM me in SL.

I hope you enjoy the stylings!  Be sure to check out LeeZu! and share what you style too.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Feeling Lucky Hunt, it ends today so hurry hurry!

Ginko Top, Pants & Miniskirt, Cat Tights in Rusted, with Piccadilly Overknee Boots in Olive

Ginko Top, Pants & Miniskirt, Cat Tights in Rusted, with Piccadilly Overknee Boots in Olive


Yukatan Pants in Beige & Keahi Top in Pink.  Sophia Sideboard - Cherryblossom from Arcade

Yukatan Pants in Beige & Keahi Top in Pink. Sophia Sideboard – Cherryblossom from Arcade

Scarf Poncho - Color lila, Heather Hotpants - Olive, Piccadilly Overknee Boots - Yellow, Cat Tights - Dark Pink

Scarf Poncho – Color lila, Heather Hotpants – Olive, Piccadilly Overknee Boots – Yellow, Cat Tights – Dark Pink.  Fisheye Poster from Gatcha at LeeZu.

Tasia Jacket - Paisley, Nadja StreetBallerina Skirt - Greybrown, Sissy Tights - Olive, Times Square Overknee Boots - Red.  Dreaming Poster from Leezu Gatcha.  Hat came with hair from D!va.

Tasia Jacket – Paisley, Nadja StreetBallerina Skirt – Greybrown, Sissy Tights – Olive, Times Square Overknee Boots – Red. Dreaming Poster from Leezu Gatcha. Hat came with hair from D!va.


Kaya Gown goes tribal!  Cats Poster from Gatcha at Leezu.

Kaya Gown goes tribal! Cats Poster from Gatcha at Leezu.


You can still make it!

Spring Flowers by Wicca's Wardrobe

With my RL in a dither, I’ve missed a lot of shows and events I really wanted to attend.  But if you hurry, you can still make it to Saviad (ends 3/31) and Skin Fair (ends 3/30).

Even if you don’t have a lot of time and can’t look at everything, it’s fun to take a peek at least.  I Hope you stop by Wicca’s Wardrobe and Silken Moon if you do, both have awesome offerings!

Here I’m wearing Spring Flowers from Wicca’s Wardrobe.  Love this outfit!  And Wicca has a Gatcha full of awesome purses too… /shakes fist at Gatcha/

Space Age Boots - Bubble

OK, so these boots ROCK!  And the packaging is so unique I decided to pose with it =o)  I’m also wearing Go Faster Nun Tattoo that’s an exclusive at Skin Fair from Silken Moon.  I had a lot of fun styling and taking these pics, as well as poking around the events, and isn’t that what it’s all about?  Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your RL is get away from it for a little while lol.

Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Saviad

The Skin Fair (tp and follow beacon to Silken Moon)


Security Comes From Within


So life has thrown some curve balls at me lately.  Everything is up in the air.  I am unsure where I’ll be living in the near future.  I’m doing what I can to have things turn out favorably, but there are never any guarantees.


It is easy to panic when the rug is yanked out from under you.  It’s easy to give up too.  What I hope to do is look within and find my inner strength and security and stand in that light, think from it, act from it.  From that perspective, it’s easy to see how blessed I really am and feel gratitude for all I have.  Then let that feeling go out and seed the clouds of possibilities to rain on me.


Somnia Bebop Jeans – Black and Zeblicious – Pink

Amacci Sione – Dark Brown Streaked

Silken Moon Silke Warm Light Natural, Gem Eyeshadow – Purple, Shimmercore Lips – Berry

Icewater is Hot

blog 1

So cold, it burns…

I’m really pleased to show you some things from a new designer on the grid.  Icewater just burst on the scene.  The feel is just a bit edgy and I love that!  The pieces I’ve seen so far are very well done and show the attention to detail that I think makes all the difference in the world.  I’m keeping my eye on this one =o)

Love, love, love these Moondance nails!

Love, love, love these Moondance nails!

I’m in love with these new Liquid Mesh nails from Moondance.  They are so versatile and they fit like a dream.  Moondance is really coming out with some awesome stuff, so if you haven’t been by to check them out, I highly recommend you head over there.

Nails often get overlooked, but they really put that finishing touch on your look.  It’s the small things that end up making the biggest difference I think.  And we’ve come a long way since the first prim nails came out.  I remember trying some way back then and giving up in frustration because I just couldn’t get them to fit right.  These nails being liquid mesh, fit perfectly, and the hud is easy to use to get the look you want.



Icewater Marketplace

~Raw Mesh Lace Gothic Dress

~Rise Mesh Combat Boots


~Multiplex Necklace and Bracelet

~Crossbone Socks – Merlot

Earthstones Gothic Stud Earrings – Ruby

Hairoin Sparrow – Blood and Gold

Tuli Helena Lips – Deviant Vamp

Zibska Ire Eyeshadow – Red

Plastik Astrali Skin – Plute

Moondance Nails – LQ Mesh Pearls

IsoMotion Poses

Where Dreams & Shadows Play

Metaphor Suit in Smog from Silken Moon

Metaphor Suit in Smog from Silken Moon

Have you ever started to dream before you’re fully asleep, in that misty in-between time as you’re just drifting off?  Or have you ever started to wake up and found yourself still dreaming?

I love those moments, so surreal and yet at times they feel more real than everyday life.  Things in those moments seem much more vibrant, pulsating with life and color.

Carnivale Face Make-up in Bronze from Silken Moon

Carnivale Face Make-up in Bronze from Silken Moon

I’ve been working on lucid dreaming, and though it doesn’t happen every time, I often know that I am dreaming when I dream and it’s awesome.  The dream becomes your playground then, because there you are limitless.  I believe though in the in-between moments of waking and right before sleep, we can peek into the noosphere and feel our collective heartbeat.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

It seems that all over the world, there is an overload of stress these days.  And I believe we are unconsciously infecting one another with our own inner stresses and fears.  Energy likes to move, life isn’t meant to be stagnant.  We can never really repress anything, it has to go somewhere.  So as I drift in the noosphere, I focus on love.  I think if we could all do that, we would change the world.  There is only love and fear, all else comes from one or the other.  The more love we can send though ourselves and out into the world in all it’s dimensions, the better off we’ll be.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog!  Wishing you a beautiful day and sweet dreams =o)



Featuring ~

Silken Moon

~Metaphor Suit in Smog

~Carnivale Face Make-up in Bronze

~Silke Warm Light Natural Skin

Also Wearing ~

Amacci Hair Sione (Streaked) – Onxy

Kosh Rapture Earrings and Necklace

Nailed It Autumn Nights Set

Pictures taken at Sleepy Snail

Poses by IsoMotion


Catching Up

Snapshot_001The flu came along and hit me on NYE and I am still trying to catch up both my ‘lives’ lol.  So much newness came along while I was under the weather, I knew I’d never be able to blog it all, so I picked a few favorites.

Snapshot_004I LOVE this little dress from Somnia!  It comes in so many colors and you can do so much with it.  I’ve gone for kind of a mod look here with the otk boots, but it would look just as good with some sneakers or flip-flops.


Somnia Ialaera – Purple/Orange

Boots from Piece of Mind Orange Retro Sleveless Dress

CaTwa Maria Hair – Espresso

Zuri Eclipse Metal Changing Jewelry

Silken Moon Simone Cool Light October Natural

Jamman Rainbow Mesh Nails


I really wanted to do something wild when I saw this outfit from Silken Moon!  If you haven’t looked at their line of fantasy lol!  Here I am wearing Villaine Mistress Dress with Clawdia TRVE Natural skin, both from Silken Moon.


Sione hair from Amacci and the Itsy Bitsy Spider set from Chop Zuey complement the look perfectly.  After all, beauty can be dangerous =op


Silken Moon Villaine Dress

Yasum Nicci’s Mesh Steam Boots – Black

Chop Zuey Itsy Bitsy Spider Collar, Earrings & Fascinator

Silken Moon Clawdia TRVE Skin

Silken Moon Night Eyes

Jamman Rainbow Mesh Nails

BDBA Cupid’s Dust Eyeshadow [5]

BDBA Kiss Me Lips [27]

Purple Moon Magic Look Eyelashes

Poses by:

Wicca’s Wardrobe


Thanks so much for reading, see you next time!


Dark of the Moon


There is a new moon on January 1st.  It made me think about putting a new, well.. rather an old spin on the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Do we feel pressured by the endless late night infomercials telling us to “lose weight now” or “be financially independent” and so on?  I think we need to take a moment and ask ourselves what it is we REALLY want.


The dark of the moon is a wonderful time to plant the seed of intention.  The idea being, what you plant will grow as the moon grows.

So erase whatever is written on your blackboard, start fresh… it’s a new moon.  Dare to challenge what you think you know.  Forget about what you think you “should” or “shouldn’t”.



Take as much time as you can to do exactly what you want.  Time is the most precious resource we have, so why waste it chasing anyone’s dreams but your own?  So take whatever brings you the most joy and plant the seed by the Dark of the Moon.



Featuring Silken Moon ~

Simone NYE Special Skin

Picture 1-

Paradox Vest – Frost

Sassy Pants – Gold

Picture 2-

Luna Dress – Winter Girl

Also Wearing –

(Yummy) Moonsung Set – Silver

[Gos] Paris Peeptoe – Metallics

D!va Aya – Brown Diamond

LaRosa Polish Lace Nail Edition – Silver

Pictures taken at the Tableau Sim =o)


Thank you for reading!




The Other F Word

So I got the flu.  Shortly after Thanksgiving I woke up with what felt like a head-cold.  I took some extra vitamin C yadda yadda and carried on.  It seemed to hang around though leaving me feeling pretty run down, but I had plans with my fiance to go spend the day in New Orleans on Dec 1st, and after a little debating, we decided to go ahead with our plans, thinking maybe some fresh air and a change of scenery would be just the thing I needed.

We got back home late that night, and I popped on SL to check messages etc..but very quickly started to feel exhaustion settle in.  So off to bed I went thinking after a good rest I’d be right as rain.  Wrong.  Sometime during the night my fever spiked, I was pretty delirious.  My partner tells me he talked to me before heading out that morning, but I have no memory of that.  What I do remember is my eyes finally flew open sometime after 11pm and I crawled out of bed not even sure what day it was.

Then it hit me that I had slept through the graduation show for my modeling class.  I felt so awful!  I had worked so hard with the other girls to make it a fantastic show, and our sponsors had provided some fabulous things for us to wear.  My heart just sank.  My head was still pounding and I was looking like roadkill but I logged back in to SL to let everyone know what had happened.

Thankfully, Mimmi and Sequoia both said they were just concerned about me and weren’t planning to have me drawn and quartered anytime soon.  But I still feel terrible for missing the show, especially when some great designers went out of their way to help.  So I decided to do this blog post to share with you some of the awesome designs I was going to model, and to let the designers how much I appreciate their willingness to help new models just learning the ropes.

The Great Gatsby in Green from AD Creations & Phoebe Skin Light Tan - Tutti-Fruiti from Blush

I feel ready to party in The Great Gatsby dress from AD Creations! But I do hope the caddy doesn’t find the bathtub gin I stashed in the golf bag.


AD Creations The Great Gatsby in Green

Blush Phoebe Skin Light Tan in Tutti-Fruiti

Vintage Jewels Lovis Gold & Blue Ring Royal

Gos Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platform shoes

IsoMotion pose


Angelic? Yes. Innocent? Not quite. This ensemble from SoliDea FoliEs screams of mischief to be done.


SoliDea FoliEs face.riri angelo

Blush Phoebe Skin Light Tan in Charm

Vintage Jewels Antinea Silver Earrings

D!va Hair Diva2 in Brown Diamond

IsoMotion pose


Dancing with my Shadow Self in SoliDea FoliEs Blue.


SoliDea FoliEs Blue

Blush Elle Skin in Halloween Special – No Scars

Nailed It Autumn Nights Set in Petroleum

Vanity Hair Folie d’Ete in Silver

Wicca’s Wardrobe pose

I’d like to finish by extending a huge thank you to Mimmi Boa and Sequoia Nightfire for all their tireless work and especially for really embracing all their students and making them feel like family!  For now though I think I’ll take my mom’s advice, she always told me, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!”  At least in SL I can do that in my jammies clutching a box of Kleenex =op

Giving Thanks

I'm ready for the holiday parties wearing Sensuous Glitz in Orange from Somnia.

I’m ready for the holiday parties wearing Sensuous Glitz in Orange from Somnia.

We’re not having the traditional family gathering for Thanksgiving this year, people are either working or travelling it seems.  But in a way I’m glad to not have to fuss over a dinner, or worry if I brought enough crescent rolls for everyone.

Wearing Simone October Skin available at the Fall in Love Event..and I do love it!

Wearing Simone October Skin available at the Fall in Love Event..and I do love it!

You know it’s funny, I can get myself worked into a hissy fit over the smallest things sometimes.  Like this morning I ran out of hot water in the shower and started to have a little internal bitch session.  Then I stopped and thought of how many people would really love just to be able to take a shower, hot or cold.  How many are doing without so much every single day.  Many people have more things and money and freedom to do whatever they want than I do, but I have so much to be happy and grateful for.  Doesn’t mean I’ll never feel frustrated again, but if I can keep a feeling of gratitude in my heart, frustration is bound to fade quickly.


Somnia Sensuous Glitz – Orange

Eclectica Garden Party Shoes – Tangerine

Lazuri Halloween Special Edition 2012 Necklace, Earrings, & Ring

Silken Moon Lashy Eyes – Olive & Simone October Skin available at Fall in Love Event

Nailed It Prim Nails – Diamond Set

Clawtooth Heck on Wheels – Coco

Vox Diva Eyelashes

Ploom Bones 1 Pose

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoyed my blog.  Wishing you and yours a very blessed holiday season!