Comfortable in our Skin

Silken Moon 1

So I thought I’d talk a bit about skin shopping today!  I know some of ya’ll haven’t changed your skin in eons, and if you’re happy, I’m happy lol.  But nothing can update your look faster or more completely than a good skin.  It’s the foundation on which you build your look, and the one thing I think that is most remembered about your look as well.  A skin can make you more comfortable or uncomfortable about how you look too.  Clothing is easy to change, and most of us like to try a variety of looks and dress for different occasions, but your skin goes with you wherever you go.

Silken Moon 2

I have several skins that I currently love and wear a lot.  I have many from Silken Moon, but this one is my new fav because it is so close to my skin in RL.  What I love about SL though, is if I’m feeling like a change, it’s as easy as a mouse click to do.  RL takes a little more effort lol.  Anyway, I digress.  Even if you are happy with the skin or skins you have, it’s a good idea to go try on some demos now and then.  Things change and what may have been a kick ass skin two years ago, will pale in comparison to what you can get now.  So I’m going to share some tips with you to make skin shopping a pleasant experience!


I will go around to several places, pick up a bunch of demos and tp home to try them on.  Once you have one on, play with your graphics settings.  What setting do you usually run around SL with?  If your system is good enough to go to a club with ultra graphics on.. I hate you, no I don’t really but I kinda do lol!  Most of us have to lower our graphics to deal with lag.  So look at yourself in that setting and in higher ones as well.  Now if you’re trying a fantasy skin or something you may only use for blogging or pictures etc… it may not have to be perfect on a lower setting.  But your everyday skin should hold up to a lower setting or you’ll end up feeling disappointed.


Play with Windlight settings.  Make sure you have “Atmospheric Shaders” checked in your graphics settings.  I keep my graphics on Mid and check Atmospheric Shaders and seem to do ok with the lag situation.


I’ve seen a lot of skins that have wonderful detail on the face, but the body is well, flat, with no shading or definition.  Look at the collarbone, shoulder blades, elbows and knees.  Is the shading realistic or overdone or nonexistent?


If you have a unique shape, the skin will look quite different on you than it does on the model in the vendor pic.  TRY THE DEMO!  Very tall and very short avis can also stretch or squash the texture of the skin.


There are several ways skins are sold.  You’ll often see where you can buy packs of the same tone with different makeups.  That’s convenient but can also be expensive and limiting.  If you’re on a budget, I’d suggest going for one really good skin with no makeup.  Silken Moon is awesome for that, as are some others.  That way, you can add whatever makeup you feel like, but always have a great skin to start out with.  Shop around, because price does not always dictate quality.  Silken Moon skins are not cheap, but very reasonable for what you get.  I’ve seen some very, very expensive skins that looked awesome on the vendor pic, but when I tried the demo, I looked like a hot mess.  So ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, TRY THE DEMO!


Bring a friend and make a day of it, then go out and party like a rock star =o)


Silken Moon Pearl Dk Brown Nat

Silken Moon Satin Lips – Red Hot

Silken Moon Signature Eyegloss – Sky & Signature Eyeliner – Femme Fatale

Silken Moon Betty Corset Fitted Mesh – Poppy

Truth Hair Sassy 2 – Brown05

Zuri Heart to Heart Set – Ruby/Black

Poses by PosESioN


One comment on “Comfortable in our Skin

  1. Reblogged this on Silken Moon and commented:
    Some really useful tip! May I add, if it is an investment skin, wear the demo for a few days, often the novelty wears off after a few days and you regret spending that much. Plus if the skin tone is new, make sure the hair you are wearing with the demo fits the undertone.

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